Monday, 27 July 2009

Vacation to Los Osos, CA

I'm in Los Osos, CA, my finally resting spot on this trip. For those who don't know where that is, it's just south of nowhere and a little to the right of "where the?" on the map. The population of Los Osos is 14,000 people, or, with me, 14,001. It's located in a small bay and lacks a sewer system. The citizens are liberal ex-hippies and surfer types who are earth-conscious. Also noteworthy is the nuclear reactor just 7 miles away, near the National Park.

The people here are the nicest people you could ever meet. In line at the supermarket, a woman behind me offered up her discount card for me, the landlady downstairs came up to tell me to get her if I needed anything, the owners of stores welcome me upon entry, waitresses tell me to have a nice day and they mean it. The people I am working for are equally as helpful. I feel like I entered one big family. I've only been here one day and they've already taken me to see some apartments and given my family a tour of the nearby park.

Right now, though, I am alone and the fog has rolled in and pushed the 80 degree weather out. I need to get out, search for apartments, and get out of this funk I got in when my family left last night. It felt like they had dropped me off at college rather than being on vacation. We drove up, dumped my belongings in a room, went to the gorcery store, and then they left me with people I didn't know, in a strange town. There aren't any sororities for me to join, but maybe I can get "in" with the surfers at the Los Osos beaches.