Monday, 17 November 2003

Amelie Movie

Last night we went to see Amelie. Sarah told me that it was her favorite movie of the year, and after watching it, she left the movie theater feeling all happy and in a good mood.

I liked the movie, but I found it a bit depressing. I have trouble expressing why though. I even found myself crying, and then being freaked out by the fact that I was so bummed.

Maybe I'm just jaded, but I just kept thinking... he'll (Nino) never go for her. She's built it up so much in his mind. He probably imagines that she's stunningly beautiful (not to say that she isn't totally cute), and then when he actually meets her, maybe he'll be disappointed.

And she's in love with this idea of who she thinks that he is, but what if he's not that person? I mean, he probably isn't. She doesn't really know that much about him. I just couldn't let myself sit back and enjoy their little romance.

I guess I was just projecting my own feelings into the movie, but it left me feeling very depressed, even though the ending is supposed to be happy. It was just too unbelievable to me that they could actually be happy together.